About Us

National Access Cannabis Corp. (NAC) is Canada's best practices leader in delivering secure, safe and responsible access to legal cannabis, and has announced its new brand for the Canadian recreational cannabis market. Meta Cannabis Supply Co.™, or META™, is the Company's new innovative and premium recreational brand, which will open retail locations in select provinces as well as an e-shop. In addition to NAC's existing footprint of 11 coast-to-coast medical clinics and 40 pharmacies, it's new network of recreational cannabis dispensaries will initially grow across Western Canada, before expanding to include additional provinces where legally permissible.

META is dedicated to providing safe and responsible access to the legal recreational, adult-use cannabis market and has submitted applications for licences in metropolitan areas, rural areas in addition to aligning with First Nations for locations on Indigenous land. The premium stores will be built around a model of customer education, immersive retail environments, technology and quality cannabis and cannabis-related product offerings, with a balanced range of pricing and product lines. The brand position is based on health & wellness, inclusivity and positivity for a range of customers interested in cannabis products being a part of their lifestyle.