Welcome to META 2.0

the next evolution in cannabis retail

META Cannabis Supply Co.

We have evolved our META store into a new realm, here to inspire a Life Uplifted. Our dynamic new look is designed specifically with YOU in mind — we’ve created an immersive experience to enjoy while you shop.

META is about going beyond and within. We’ve got vibe.

Cannabis Co.

Our logo design has evolved as well, it is now multidimensional just like cannabis culture. The letters are assembled to come together and take on a new visual design for our brand. Just like cannabis, each shape is unique.

We are now known as Meta Cannabis Co., or simply: META.

META 2.0 stores are planned to be opening in various Canadian cities in 2019 and beyond. We look forward to serving you through our Friendly Guides. Stay tuned for future news about store rollouts by signing up for our newsletter. See you there.

We are META.

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