EZ Pipe

Taking your pipe with you on the go has never been so easy! EZ Pipe is a small discrete pipe that is ideal for smoking in public, since this pipe is smokeless you do dont have to worry about loose plumes of smoke coming off the pipe. The EZ Pipe bowl is fully enclosed so burning herbs stop burning after the toke is complete allowing you to put it right back in your pocket. No embers, ash or residual smoke to worry about. EZ pipe allows you to carry all you need to toke all in one compact unit.

The average pipe smoker walks around with a pocket full of paraphernalia. With EZ Pipe all you need is built right in to one self contained pipe. To use EZ Pipe just fill the top storage compartment with loose tobacco or Legal smoking herb, screw on the lid to keep your shak e in place and insert any bic or bic style lighter. Your pipe is now ready to smoke! Carry it with you where ever you go and when you are ready to smoke just extend the mouthpiece, light it up and your smokin’! When you are done taking a hit or two just fold it up and put it back in your pocket. The next time you want to take a toke the pipe is ready to go! This unique pipe is made of plastic and billet aluminum so it is lightweight and portable.

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