We’re real Canadian cannabis enthusiasts – we know what we’re after and passionate about everything that goes into making it happen. It starts with a nose for strains that locals prefer. These aren’t just interesting names to us.  We insist on the authentic traits of every cultivar we grow, whether it’s a celebrated BC bud or a fresh new hybrid. Then we grow each one to the lofty quality standards locals expect, aka good enough for ourselves. That means bountiful, reliably potent plants with fragrant handcrafted buds that are naturally free of anything nasty.  And it means we take care to conserve the resources we use to grow and package them. This place and culture mean everything to us. Living up to the legend of natural Canadian quality is our True North.

Thanks for the opportunity to share our craft and be your bud.




Made By Canadians, In Canada
Canada’s craft cannabis culture is our culture. At Canaca we’re proud to do something we believe in. Our plants are sourced in BC and expertly cultivated in Ontario for homegrown, down-to-earth quality that’s enjoyed across Canada.

Celebrated Local Strains
When it comes to selecting which cultivars we grow, we keep our friends in mind. We only grow the best and deliver peak quality in distinctive first choice strains. “Always there and never disappoints.” These words are a pledge that matters in our company.
Preach The Plant
While we don’t like preaching, we do believe de-stigmatization begins by de-mystifying cannabis and calling it what it is: a plant.  We enjoy meeting people, talking shop and sharing our craft. When it comes to cannabis knowledge, we say pass it on.
Respect For Our Roots
We’re proud to be a part of High Park Holdings Ltd., an affiliate of Tilray Inc., Canada’s global pioneer of cannabis research, cultivation, processing and distribution – this commitment to excellence delivers Canaca’s high quality flower and consistency of experience across the provinces.
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