What Rolling Papers are Right for You?

Rolling papers are an intensely personal decision. With the abundance of options for modern cannabis enthusiasts, many remain loyal to their papers of choice. When deciding on “your brand” you will want to choose a rolling paper that works for you every time. When choosing your rolling papers, you have a few things to consider:
Material: Rolling papers are made from lightweight “rag fibers” otherwise known as non-wood plant fibers i.e: hemp, flax, rice, straw, esparto or sisal.
Bleached or Unbleached: Rolling papers aren’t just bleached for aesthetic purposes, they are also bleached to control the colour of the ash and the speed of the burn. However, there are many additional chemical additives used in this process which can impact flavour and can be harmful to the environment. Unbleached papers are thinner, often made with rice paper and have a textured design to slow the burn naturally.
Size: How many people will be participating in this session? If joints are your preferred vehicle of consumption we recommend keeping a smaller size for personal joints on hand and larger sized ones for social occasions. Standard Rolling papers come in 5 sizes: Single Wide, 1 ¼, 1 ½, Double wide and King
  • Single Wide: Can be tricky to maneuver initially due to their small size but are ideal for personal (pinner) joints.
  • 1 ¼: At 25% larger than a single wide the 1 ¼ papers are the most popular size of rolling papers. This is partially because once assembled they are similar in size to a cigarette thus making them a popular choice for both tobacco and cannabis use (or cannabis users trying to blend in as tobacco users). These papers are ideal for sessions involving 1- 2 people.
  • 1 ½: This size is just right for a small session of 3-4 people. Once rolled it’s longer than a cigarette which means you’ll get to hit the rotation a few more times.
  • Double Wide: The substantial width of the double wide allows users to roll the largest diameter cone – which can serve a group of 4-5. However, this size remains one of the least popular due to its inefficient usable area. The higher the ratio of paper to cannabis, the harsher the toke.
  • King Size: These are the longest standard papers on the market but narrower than the double wide. King Size is ideal for rolling cone and larger sessions of 5+ people. 
  • Flavour: From Blueberry to Watermelon, Chocolate to Root Beer, papers come in about every flavour you can dream up. However, they do come with their drawbacks. Flavoured papers often contain additional chemicals and also burn faster. When choosing a flavour consider the terpenes that make up the flavours and aromatics of the strain you are consuming. Grape flavoured papers with Grand Daddy Purple would be a coordinated delight whereas cotton candy papers with a UK cheese strain could be a miss.
These are just a few factors to consider when deciding which brand will be “your brand” of rolling papers. Check out one of our Meta Supply Co. locations or e-store to find a rolling paper that suits you.
*If you are concerned about the health implications of smoking cannabis, we recommend exploring alternative consumption methods such as cannabis oil or vaping.
Enjoy Respectfully, Consume Responsibly.
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