Preparing for your first visit to a cannabis store

Our vision for META Cannabis Supply Co. is to create an open and inclusive retail experience focused on quality and expert guidance. A place where a master can hone their knowledge and an apprentice can ignite a passion.
While your first visit to a cannabis store might feel intimidating, it’s important to note that everyone started their cannabis journey somewhere and our Friendly Guides are here to help you get the most out of your first visit. All of our Meta Cannabis Supply
Co. retail staff are carefully selected because they have one particular character trait in common: passion for the cannabis industry.
When consulting with our Guides, don’t hold back - no question is a bad question and the more informed you are before making your first purchase the more likely that the cannabis strain you’ve selected will achieve your desired effects. As you prepare for your first legal cannabis store visit we have a list of questions you will want to consider and bring answers to (along with your government ID).

How do you want to feel?
Our Friendly Guides are highly trained cannabis consultants. Tap into their in-depth knowledge of cannabinoid and terpene profiles by asking the right questions like “How will this make me feel”.

What do you want to consume?
The Government of Canada has approved the following 4 products for Oct 17th 2018: cannabis flower, pre-rolled joints, oil and seeds (in provinces that allow home cultivation) with edibles and extracts expected to be approved for sale the following year. Regardless of your consumption method we advise all first-time users go “low and slow” which means start with a low THC content (10% or less) and consume it slowly. You can always have more but you can’t go back and take less.  

What if I don’t want to get high?
If your goal is to seek physically therapeutic benefits without psychoactive effects we recommend asking for a strain or oil that is high in CBD and low in THC.

How do you want to consume your cannabis?
If your cannabis is being smoked consider whether you would prefer to vape, smoke a joint, use a bong, one hitter or pipe. Consider how many people will be consuming, the rules of your condo or landlord, how discreet you want to be and your level of dexterity.

Where can I consume?
Different provinces have different regulations regarding consumptions sites. Make sure to brush up on your local laws and avoid consuming in areas children gather like schools, playgrounds, sports arenas as well as motor vehicles (including boats). While certain provinces may have more relaxed rules, we promote contentious consumption. The more thoughtful cannabis consumers are with their public use the faster the industry will shed its stigma. We recommend that even in designated consumption areas to be aware of the proximity to your neighbors to ensure that your enjoyment doesn’t come at the expense of theirs.
How do I store cannabis?
After you leave the store if driving, most provincial laws require that you store your cannabis in a part of your vehicle that is not accessible to the driver (like the trunk). If you share your home with children or pets we recommend safely storing it as you would medicine. Also, check out our cannabis storage blog for tips on how to prolong and preserve your cannabis potency with our inexpensive and easy storage methods.
Now that you’ve brushed up on the basics before your first cannabis store visit – find a META Cannabis Supply Co. near you.
Enjoy Respectfully, Consume Responsibly.
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