How to properly store Cannabis

4 known enemies of cannabis:

Dried out cannabis loses flavour and potency whereas excess humidity can lead to mold which can be especially concerning for medical patients with compromised immune systems. An ideal benchmark of humidity is between 50% to 65% relative humidity (RH). If your flower becomes dried out, it is possible to revive it by putting a humidity pack, orange peel, carrot, or wet cotton ball in a jar with your bud.
Light exposure accelerates the degradation of THC into CBN (a.k.a the sleepy, body lock feeling some consumers may experience). It is recommended that you store your flowers in a cool dark place or wrap an airtight glass jar with a cloth or towel to prevent light from getting in.
Extreme temperature
While keeping your cannabis in the fridge or freezer might seem like an obvious preservation method, the humidity level in a fridge is inconsistent and freezer temperatures cause the trichomes (the crystal-like hairs that cover the buds, stems, and surrounding leaves) to freeze, become brittle, and eventually fall off when disturbed. Trichomes are comprised of THC, terpenes and other cannabinoids, so when they are destroyed you notice a dramatic reduction in potency. The opposite can also be damaging, storing cannabis in places where it's exposed to heat (on top of a gaming system or a fridge) can dry out cannabis prematurely, draining it of effectiveness, flavour and aromatic profile.
We all like to show our friends our favorite big and beautiful bud, right? Unfortunately, the more we handle and touch dried cannabis flower, the more we reduce its potency and potential of effects. Trichomes are very delicate and every time we handle dried flower with our hands, we destroy hundreds of trichomes. If you must touch – use chopsticks or tweezers.
Which storage vessel is best for storing cannabis?
Some of the most popular storage methods are also the worst culprits. Tinfoil can bunch up and poke at the delicate trichomes, especially in a pocket. Plastic should be used for transportation only (unless you require childproof packaging). The reason being that plastic often has a static charge which can attract the trichomes to the sides of the bag or bottle. The longer the cannabis remains in plastic the more trichomes you can lose, which is why we recommend relocating your cannabis to a glass jar once you get home. Additionally, plastic bags can contain chemicals that could potentially interact with terpenes or cannabinoids.  We also advise using an appropriately sized jar for your stash. Too much oxygen in your jar can also lead to dried out flowers.
3 storage options for 3 budgets
$ Mason Jar: Glass, airtight and budget friendly. You can find these anywhere from a hardware store to your grandma's house.
$$ Boveda Humidity Packs: Boveda humidity packs are convenient and easy to use. They provide 2-way humidity control for your dried flower. Just pop a pack in your container of choice. When a pack loses softness, it's time to replace them.
$$$ Blacked out ultraviolet jar: Keeps the damaging UV rays out and all the good stuff in.
$$$$ Humidity boxes: Recommended for the "cannasiours" or those who live in a humid climate.
Now you know how to properly store your cannabis – it's time to brush up on the basics of cannabis hygiene. (link to bong cleaning blog).
Enjoy Respectfully, Consume Responsibly.
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