3 ways to utilize Kief

The word kief is originally derived from the Arabic word kayf meaning pleasure or well-being. Kief is the concentrated powder that comes from trichomes - the sticky crystal coating surrounding the cannabis bud, comprised of the resinous glands containing the highest concentration of terpenes/terpenoids and cannabinoids. Due to its potency, kief is considered a delicacy in the cannabis world.
Trichomes are typically collected by using a dry sifter or 4 part (3 chamber) grinder which has a “basement” type storage space separated by mesh where the precious trichome crystals can fall through and collect, forming kief. Typically, kief is forgotten about until your supply dwindles, and you can rely on these concentrated trichomes to enhance your remining flower.

Roast Kief Sandwich

Kief will stick to cannabis if mixed well for a joint or as a “Roast Kief Sandwich” which uses enough cannabis to cover the bottom of a bowl, followed by a layer of kief, and topped with a layer of cannabis to keep the kief from burning off. 


Twaxing is the practice of adding any form of cannabis concentrate to your cannabis before smoking it. The standard application of Twaxing involves rolling a standard joint then dampening the outside with saliva (or wax once it’s available) and rolling the top 1/3 of the joint in kief.

Moon Rocks

In addition to having a funky intergalactic name, moon rocks seriously enhance the potency of flower. The process of making moon rocks is similar to making chocolate truffles and requires cannabis in 3 forms: Flower, oil and kief. To make moonrocks take a dense cannabis bud and dip it in (gently) warmed cannabis oil and while it’s still warm, sprinkle and roll the kief over the bud. Then let the moonrocks cool and harden – once they have solidified they can be broken up and added to a bowl.
There you have our 3 favourite ways to use cannabis kief. As always when experimenting with different forms of cannabis start slow and go slow.

Enjoy Respectfully, Consume Responsibly.
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