META Everyday Essentials Collection

We've curated an affordable collection of smoking and storage accessories with the cannabis consumer in mind. The META Everyday Essentials Collection has everything you need to enhance your cannabis experience. Whether you're a canna-expert or new to the cannabis scene, we've got the accessories that are easy to use and store. Make sure that you've got the right tools to elevate your experience. Read on to find out exactly what you need to get started.
To break your cannabis into smaller bits for easy rolling and a smoother bowl, you need a grinder. Pro-tip, when you use a magnetic grinder, avoid placing your flower in the middle of the device. You don't want to waste any of that beautiful flower! Not ready to use all your bud? Our grinders are also great for keeping your flower contained. These are available in a few varieties, but our favourite is a grinder that holds a kief-catcher. Once you've ground your herb a few times, shake your grinder to collect the trichomes or dried resin glands. How do you get your hands on this light green dust without making a mess? Grab your pollen scraper, a tiny black shovel designed to help you collect your kief. Sprinkle this precious dust your in bowls, blunts, or edibles to make it stronger. 
If you've never tried a bong before, it could be a little daunting. One of the benefits of using a bong is that the water helps to cool the smoke before consumption. 
Step 1: Take the downstem out of the bong and fill the bong with water, and make sure that you cover your downstem's holes.
Step 2: Before you pack your bowl with flower, suck air through the mouthpiece to make sure that the water doesn't hit your lips. 
Step 3: If you're working with an ice bong, place ice cubes into the mouthpiece. An ice bong contains notches in the chamber that help deliver cooler hits. 
Step 4: Remove your bowl from the bong to pack it with flower and kief. Avoid packing your bowl too tightly, so that you can get airflow into the chamber.
Step 5: Hold the bong securely and place your mouth firmly over the center of the mouthpiece.
Step 6: Light the bowl near the edge with a hempwick or lighter and inhale. Remove the flame once your flower is lit and keep inhaling.
Step 7: Inhale deeply and remove the bowl once you've taken your hit. Exhale, and enjoy! 
This is the fastest and most low-maintenance way to consume cannabis. Pipes are portable and easy to clean with a pipe cleaner, coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Our glass Sherlock pipe is a great piece to add to your collection as it is free-standing. Our glass Spoon pipe can carry a decent amount of herb so that you can get more than one hit.
If you're looking for a piece that's a little more lightweight and discreet, look no further than for a trusty one-hitter. Don't want your piece to roll away? Choose a one-hitter with legs for stability when you're going hands-free. Load your flower, cover the carb (small hole on the left side of the pipe), light and pull. These glass pipes are a perfect way to sneak a toke on the go.
Wondering what a dugout is? These compact containers are a one-stop-shop when it comes to consumption. A dugout contains a metallic one-hitter, a small storage space for your flower, and a poker so that you can clean out your piece. 
Fragrance Reducing Carrying Cases
If you want to make sure that your accessories are safe, consider storing them in a padded lockable case. Our Lockable Safe Case is big enough to carry all your gear, plus your cannabis (everyone's different!). We recommend having one of these to keep your materials all in one spot, whether you're home or on the road traveling. There's nothing worse than losing your favourite piece. If you're looking to transport a smaller stash, check out our fragrance reducing META Gear Wallet. 
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