Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (Without the Hangover)

St. Patrick’s Day on a Sunday can make for a painful start to your work week for those participating in the typical alcohol-fuelled festivities that March 17th typically represents. With the first St. Patrick’s Day post-legalization around the corner, cannabis is shaking up our social gatherings and providing another path for those who wish to imbibe socially, but don’t want the effects to haunt them the next day. Below we’ve put together a list of ways that you can share the green with friends this “St. Potrick’s” Day. 


Put Food First
Cannabis and food culture are deeply intertwined for a reason. Many find that cannabis increases appetite, heightens perception of flavours and smells, it can even intensify sensations (making a crunch that much more satisfying). By preparing a platter that covers the 5 basic tastes (sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami) you will have something that suits every palate. Cannabis can open your mind to trying new flavour combinations, so by having platters like a taco, poutine or burger bar creates a more interactive affair, allowing guests to customize their meal to suit their preferences. You can even take it up a notch by pairing food items with cannabis featuring similar terpene profiles. If you’re running into a creative block, check out Pinterest to get some St. Patrick’s Day snackspiration. 

Tips for Infused Treats
If you’re serving infused treats at your St Paddy’s Day gathering, ensure that the THC levels are clearly marked, so none of your guests have an unexpected experience. We also recommend serving edibles early on. Edibles produce a delayed onset because they are processed through your digestive system and the effects can last much longer than other consumption methods. When creating edibles for a party you can also consider diluting your cannabutter ratio to make your edibles lower in THC % (remember: you can always take more but you can’t go back and take less). If you’re considering an infused recipe to try, check out our recipe for our St. Patrick’s Day Ruffles Squares for a salty-sweet combo that is just weird enough to work.


Keep the Energy High 
Overconsumption and certain strains of cannabis can lead to fatigue or a low-energy vibe. By creating a bumping playlist, having caffeinated beverages on offer and by having interactive games planned throughout the party you can keep the energy high and the party moving.


Keep the Stress Low 
A few little things you can do to keep the hosting stress at bay:
  1. If you have a dishwasher, ensure its emptied before your guests arrive. Put a garbage bag or can in plain sight so guests can clean up after themselves.
  1. Don’t be a hero! Invite contributions and don’t be afraid to ask for what you need specifically (especially last-minute items). Consider ordering in; food delivery apps make it more convenient than ever to enjoy a variety of cuisines with the tap of a button.
  1. Anticipate your guests needs so people don’t need to ask you for things. If you’re inviting people over to consume in your home, think like a cannabis enthusiast. Place various consumption methods in a convenient area (rolling trays, grinders, filters, papers, vapes, pipes and bongs). Encourage people to bring their favourite devices to show off and share. Put food and water in an accessible area so you don’t have bottlenecks in closed off rooms.
There you have our top tips on how you can share the green this St. Patrick’s Day.
Enjoy your hangover free Monday!
Enjoy Respectfully, Consume Responsibly.
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