Cannabis 101: How to smoke a bowl

Smoking a bowl is one of the easiest and most convenient delivery methods, especially for cannabis beginners. In the guide below, we walk you through the 4 tenets of packing the perfect bowl.

A uniform grinds lead to an even burn
Regardless of whether you use a 3, 4 piece or grinder card the goal should be an even, fine grind. This creates uniform airflow through the bowl, resulting in even combustion. Ideally you should only grind your cannabis right before consuming it, or else it will become oxidized, losing potency, flavour and aromatic compounds from the terpenes. A 3-piece grinder or grinder card will deliver the whole flower (trichomes and all) whereas a 4-piece grinder has holes where the kief falls through. You can either save the kief for twaxing on a rainy day or layer the kief into your bowl, creating a Roast Kief Sandwich.

Not too loose and not too tight
Before packing the bowl, check for airflow and make sure the channel is clear. When packing a bowl, you don’t want it to be too tight or too loose. Depending on the size of the hole you may want to place a screen or, if you don’t have a screen a larger piece of bud to block the channel hole preventing the smaller pieces from getting sucked into your mouth before combustion.

Cornering is Considerate
If you’re packing a bowl to share with others, try cornering. Cornering is the method of sticking to one portion of the bowl, leaving the rest untouched for your smoking companions. Cornering is similar to sharing a plate at a restaurant, you wouldn’t disturb the whole plate at once, you would take your share and leave the rest undisturbed. The benefits of cornering means everyone gets a taste of the green goodness. Rather than passing on your smouldering ashes you can all appreciate the undisturbed flower, rich in terpenes aroma and flavour. Cornering also slows the combustion rate making it equal parts economical and good cannabis etiquette.

Cornering can be done by holding your lighter on an angle hitting one quarter or half of the bowl at the time, igniting more of the bowl then the flower itself, start inhaling slowly leaving the rest behind to pass along to your companions.

Know when to call it quits
Use your senses to tell when a bowl needs to be tapped out, if there is less smoke produced, the taste is ashy and has turned white, the bowl has been extinguished. Tap it out and repeat steps 1-3 as desired.

Enjoy Respectfully, Consume Responsibly.

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