Rose Blunt: DIY

If your sweetheart prefers a different kind of “flower” on Valentine’s Day, we’ve got the perfect DIY project for you – The Rose Blunt!
Below we shared our step by step instructions on how to create the famous rose blunt that has recently taken Instagram feeds by storm. We’ve used lavender for this demo but feel free to replicate with your strain of choice. It’s important to note that sourcing organic roses is crucial for this project as roses are often sprayed with toxic pesticides and preserving agents. All you need for this is 1 organic rose, milled cannabis and an oven.
Step 1
Take off your rose petals, detaching from as close to the stem as possible in order to have as much space to work with as possible. You will use 3 petals per blunt wrap.
Step 2
First curing: Put the rose petals on a cookie sheet and broil for approximately 10 seconds.
Step 3
Once the petals have cooled, lick the bottom half of the petal (the half that attaches to the stem). Then, use your saliva and thumbs to press the petal into the second and third petals, creating the “blunt wrap” shape.
Step 4
Second curing: Put your rose “blunt wraps” back in the oven on broil for 10 seconds.
Step 5
Grind your favourite cannabis varietal and add to the centre of the wrap in a cone or straight shape depending on your preference. At this step we found using a grinder card helped to keep the cannabis compact and straight line. Gently massage the cannabis into a blunt type shape, licking, and pressing the rose petals as you go.
Step 6
Third curing: At this point your rose blunt might be looking a little limp, one more 10 second curing sessions in the broiler will help it look more like a traditional blunt by drawing additional moisture from the petals.
Step 7 (optional)
Forth curing: When attempting the rose blunt tutorial, we opted to cure for a forth (final) time. This resulted in a blunt that burned evenly all the way down, we also found it added to the structural integrity of the blunt.
The taste and aromatics on the rose blunt wrapper made for a luxurious session, and we’d (highly) recommend this DIY as a novelty worth trying with your sweetheart or palentine this Valentines Day! 
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