Eating > Reading: Canada’s Preferred Post Cannabis Activities

Munchies have long been regarded as the quintessential post-cannabis pastime, but is there any data to back up the stereotype?  A recent survey of Canadian cannabis consumers conducted for Meta Cannabis Supply Co. ($META) shows that eating at 28% is followed by sex at 17.5% as the highest ranked post-consumption activities for Canadians.
Close behind, the next preferred pursuit is watching TV or movies at 17% trailed by the outdoorsy types that would rather experience nature via (stargazing, hiking, skiing/snowboarding, walking) at 13.4%.  
12.4% of respondents enjoy taking in artistic experiences or activities after consuming cannabis (going to concerts, art galleries or live theatre). 8.6 % of respondents enjoy tapping into their spiritual side post-session through meditation or yoga, whereas 6.1% of surveyed consumers prefer awakening their sense of touch by giving or receiving massages.
The least popular activity across all provinces was reading at 4.1%, leaving an additional 15.3% of respondents who voted none of the activities above. Which begs the question… what is your favourite post-cannabis activity that isn’t mentioned?

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