Hosting your first (Pot) Luck Party

As cannabis consumption normalizes and starts to weave into the fabric of our lives with increasing frequency, people are beginning to consider how it fits within their social gatherings. With the first post legalization holiday season around the corner, a question on many Canadian’s minds is how to incorporate cannabis into their seasonal celebrations.

Below we’ve broken down a guide on how to plan the perfect (pot)luck party

  1. Ask for Contributions

    Cannabis and food for a group can get expensive so don’t be afraid to ask your guests to contribute to the evening. Asking guests to bring their favourite strain to present and share with the group can be a big part of the fun. One easy way to do this is to create a Google Doc with everyone’s name so they can note the strain they plan on bringing. That way you end up with a nice variety of options for your guests to experiment with.
  2. Pair Accordingly

    The terpenes found in cannabis are what help differentiate one strain from another, they are the “essential oils” of plants and leave the lasting impression in the form of effects, taste and aromatic profile. (Read more about terpenes here). Terpenes can be used as a jumping off point when considering food pairings. A strain like Blue Dream contains myrcene which can also be found in other ingredients like mangos, lemon grass and cardamon. Additionally, the strain Blue Dream contains jammy, berry flavours and aromas. You could consider pairing it with a Blueberry Cardamon Pie whereas a herbaceous strain like Jack Herer would pair beautifully with an equally herbaceous counterpart that contain basil, parsley or dill, like this Dill, Parsley & Walnut Pesto.
  3. Watch the THC Content

    When deciding on sequence of your pairings you have an additional variable to consider, the THC content. Similarly to how you wouldn’t serve a guest an imperial stout as a welcome drink we don’t recommend starting with high THC strains (unless you’ve got plenty of couch space for overnight visitors).
  4. Display your Buds

    Put the flower on display in wine glasses in the center of the table so guests can observe them (with their hands and noses) so not to disturb any delicate trichomes. By lining them up guests can compare and contrast the visual and aromatic profiles of the strains. If you have a magnifying glass, leaving it on the table will help your guests get up close and personal with the buds. We also recommend creating cue cards with the strain name, THC and CBD content so people are both educated and aware of what they are consuming and have the opportunity to sit a round out if the THC level is higher than their tolerance.
  5. Give your Guests the Floor

    Before passing around the cannabis for consumption give the guest that brought the strain the opportunity to share their first impressions: what draws them to this varietal in particular? What activities do they pair it with? What flavor notes do they pick up? What’s the perfect song to listen to while consuming it?
  6. Provide the Tools

    In addition to having papers, filter tips, grinders and lighters on the table, consider having a vaporizer available for guests that prefer a combustion free consumption method. You could even have an extra column on your Google Doc for people to sign up for which (clean) cannabis accessory they will be bringing. The opportunity to consume through a variety of methods also allows your group to consider how different delivery methods affect the taste, aroma and effects.
  7. Encourage Note Taking

    By preparing a grid with the strain, licensed producer and terpene profile you can help guests keep track of what they liked and what they didn’t like. Add a few blank columns so people can note their own experiences when it comes to flavour, aroma and effects.

With a little bit of advance planning and group participation you can increase your canna knowledge overnight, and we all know a beautiful bud is best when shared with buds. As always when experimenting with different forms of cannabis start slow and go slow.
Enjoy Respectfully, Consume Responsibly.

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