Clear the Smoke this 4/20

With the first 4/20 post legalization around the corner, Canadians have a lot to celebrate!
As Canna-curious groups converge with cannasiours and wellness minded individuals there are more ways and methods than ever to help consumers experience the benefits of THC and CBD (without combustion). We’ve broken down 3 ways to clear the smoke this 4/20:

Cannabis Oil:
Effects from oils are longer-lasting and more of a full-body experience (up to 8 hours).The lack of  smoke, vapor or smell make oils one of the most discreet product offerings on the legal market today. Cannabis oil can be ingested orally or applied topically for transdermal absorption.  New customers may experience a bit of “sticker shock” when making their first cannabis oil purchase, but the actually provide great bang for your buck! The high volume of CBD and THC combined with the longer lasting effects makes oil a cost-effective option for all cannabis consumers.


Cannabis Capsules:
Capsules are the most precise of all consumption methods, making them a great option for consumers looking to micro-dose cannabis. While everybody responds differently to cannabis, oils allow for much more precise dosing than inhalation methods. Capsules are formulated with precise industry standard equipment, ensuring a consistent dose every time. Capsules are also the most discreet option on our list and are easy to consume. They can be taken with or without food and can take up to 2 hours to feel the full effects which could also last up to 8 hours. Many consumers notice enhanced results by incorporating capsules into their daily regimen and taking capsules at the same time every day, much like a multi-vitamin.

Modern vaporizer tech continues to push the limits, many new generation vaporizers come with accompanying temperature control apps that help you to get the most out of your device (and your herb) through your smart phone. These apps allow for customization to help enhance flavour and olfactory profiles. You can also use specific heat ranges to “turn up the terps” as different temperatures elevate the profile of certain terpenes. Below we’ve ranked our favourite temperature controlled vapes at 3 different price points.


Davinci IQ
Retail Price $349.99
420 Price $280
Arizer Solo 2
Retail Price $289.99
420 Price: $232.00
Zeus Smite
Retail Price $129.99
420 Price $104.00

There you have our 3 ways to clear the smoke this 4/20. If you’re interested in learning more come on by one of our META stores this April 20th and one of our Friendly Guides would be happy to help you find your path.
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