420 Legends: Celebrating 420 Month With the Best!

This 420 Month, we wanted to think about what makes cannabis culture so great. Of course there’s the people, the music, the movies, the weird recipes we make at 3 am … but at the heart of that is, of course, the weed. After all, we couldn’t be the stoners we are without it.

So all April long, we’re celebrating the buds that have made weed what it is today. From California to Amsterdam, from the 80s to the 2000s, these buds have earned the right to call themselves true legends. We’ve narrowed down the list to these 8 pillars of pot culture, each selected for their incredible genetics, numerous awards, and amazing contributions to the world of weed.

And here’s where you come in: This 420 Month, you choose the greatest strain of all time. 👑

All month long, the purchase of any 420 Legends strain is a vote to elect the best of the best. Check back every week to see who is in the lead! At the end of April, we’ll tally the votes and find our champion: to celebrate, the winning strain will go on sale! 🎉

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420 Legends

White Widow – The Social Butterfly


A 90s Dutch coffeeshop classic, this bud is the star of any conversation. Known for late night chats, lifting moods, and opening hearts, White Widow shines best amongst friends.


Jack Herer – The Wise Wizard


Wake, bake, and get out your textbooks. Named for a cannabis activist, this bud is famous for fueling the mind, launching brainstorms, and getting us thinking about our place in the universe.


Pink Kush – The Munchie Monster


Get ready for some serious munchies. Sweet, giggly, and chill, this Canadian favourite gets us foodies experimenting with new recipes, mixing weird drinks, and kicking back with happy bellies.


Granddaddy Purple – The Free Spirit


We’re thinking bead curtains, bean bag chairs, and tie-dye. With an OG indica profile and famously purple buds, this global icon is heavy, relaxing, and goes great with psychedelic rock.


Sensi Star – The Happy Camper


This bud longs for clear night skies, roasting marshmallows, and the great outdoors. Best for gazing at constellations before drifting off in your tent, Sensi Star is for the dreamers.


Sour Diesel – The Creative Visionary


Born in the underground cannabis scene in the 80s, this bud is a true artist. Known for sparking inspiration, Sour Diesel wants to bring out your inner Bob Ross—time to paint some happy trees.


Blue Dream – The “Good Game”-er


This bud is a fav of gamers everywhere: energizing and focusing, it puts your fingers on WASD, charges your ult, and boosts your K/D ratio. All that’s left to say is GG everyone, GG.


Kosher Kush – The Quirky Oddball


Look out for this rising star. A modern strain with a famously unique flavour profile and a peaceful, worry-free smoke, it’s a future classic that’ll have you saying “Everything’s Kosher.”

These cannabis legends deserve a legendary vape.

420 Legends-24k Vape

An iconic vaporizer, the Storz & Bickel Volcano helped shape the industry into what it is today. It set the standard for what a vape is, and what it should be. Known around the world, and often called the best vape on the market, the Volcano is a worthy match to our 420 Legends.

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